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Chula & Bob Family Page D.O.B. January 1, 2021

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Puppy # 2 Red Female $1600

Puppy # 2 red female $1600 D.O.B. 1-01-21

excepting $400 non-refundable hold deposit currently.

Go home date February 28, 2021. 

*** Adopted by MR. & Mrs. Stearns ***


Puppy # 1 Red Female smooth coat 

D.O.B. 01-01-21 Go home date February 28, 2021

Dam Chula 3 year old true red female

Chula is such a wonderful mamma shhe is aupper sweet and attentive to her puppies every need. 

Sire Bob 6 year old black and mahogany male


For more information on this litter please contact Alice 

At 916-613-7367