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Limited ONE YEAR Health Congentital Defect Guarantee. 

 We offer a one year congenital  health defect guarantee agreement. This includes,

  Coverage of all congintal genetic defects that may be handed down from lineage.

  Our puppy adoption agreement contract  Recommends that YOU as new owner should make a vet appointment for puppy.

*  Puppy should be professionally evaluated within 72 hours for a routine health check.(  Also should have next round of required puppy shot.)

* If you have any problems or concerns about puppy genetic health or puppy needs to go to get , I need to be contacted immediately before bills are accumulated.

* We want to work with the new owner of puppy before treatment or testing takes place.

* If puppy have any genetic health problems, I will refund the cost of puppy or provide a replacement of your choice.


  Our Limited ONE YEAR Congenital Defect Health Guarantee does NOT include

* Any communicable diseases such as internal and/or external parasites or injuries.

* If puppy gets injured or killed in your care, we will NOT pay vet or replace puppy.

* If you have basic general questions and concerns you should enlist the help of your local vet for they will give you a better understanding of your question.

 *If you do not have a reliable vet clinic, we recommend you find one before you bring puppy home or soon after.

* We are NOT responsible for the Neuter or spay of your puppy.